The baby steps towards photography were taken three decades ago. It was 1980. Persuaded and convinced by a fourteen years old son, the father was almost forced to gift him a camera, on the arguement that the life's first ever trip to Kashmir cannot be made without a camera. It was a Click III model. Those amateurish photos, snapped for the first time in life, were the first realisation towards the destiny. The little guy was Krishnendu Chatterjee, whose only prime identity is a son of Bengal, born and brought up amongst the rich culture of the state.

Spend more than a decade with the canvas, paints and brushes, letting the one speak through the colours, before packing up, and heading for the Capital, Delhi, where, since then, the passion for creating oneself has become a frame of mind

A more than fifteen years work experience in the Advertising Agency as its Art Director has a tremendous beneficiary effect on his photographic works and his professional approach. His choice of frame for his photographs, gives his works a different dimension, and this has been possible only because of his Advertising Agency background. One of his favourite area of photography is Art photography. Also, his special favourite is the section of Food photography. According to him, while he works as a Food photographer, the food becomes his model. That is the reason he never consumes the foods shown in his photographs. To him, photography is as if, painting pictures with digital colours on the camera's sensor. It is no less an art form to him.

Krishnendu Chatterjee, now lives in Delhi, and his brilliant works are produced from his own studio, where he works. You can visit my other site for stock photographs Stock Photographs For Sale.